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Angeles City, Philippines – It is this author’s opinion based on a Rusi Motorcycle (new) given to me, is a without a doubt, a piece of crap. Rusi Motorcycle branches in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines, like many places in the Philippines (nation-wide) display a wide assortment of their showroom bikes outdoors (overflow or excess) with little or no protections from the elements,apparently not thinking about the end results of sitting outside in extreme heat of excessive rain for days on end.

Our Rusi Motorcycle is new, but and bolts are rusted, the odometer never worked and the service provider provides home service without tools. Although Rusi Motorcycle are chepely prices and attrative by the minimum downpaypent associated with monthly payment plan options, chances are your Rusi Motorcycle will be dead in the water long before you finish your payment. But don’t just take my word for it, look / click the photo or link below then click on the link below the photo to see how many people are trying to get rid of thier Rusi (junk collection) Motorcycle:

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by anonymous on

my rusi has been serving me at it's best, i never had any major issues is now almost 2 years & my rusi still runs like brand new. I do believe that it is not on what kind of motorcycle you're riding with, it is on how you maintain it. my neighbor's Mio had more problem than my rusi. my brothers suzuki visits the talyer more often. well currently mileage of my rusi is 19,459 & still in perfect condition.

by Johnny on
Happy Rusi Customer

I sold both of my big bikes; to include a very fast Suzuki 750. I am more than pleased with the sales and service I experienced. Of course, my 100 will not be as fast as my Honda Steed, or Suzuki GSR..duh, I knew that. With my wife and I on the 100, we both have no complaints. I will buy several additional bikes to share with my friends that visit from the States, and my local family. 5-Stars to Rusi. I feel safer and I seemed to lose my attitude that can come with a big bike. I also added a helmet cam to provide a tad more protection from those that say I ran over someone...haha Ride on!

by Jimmy Dolo on
RUSI 100

I am on the way of acquiring my RUSI 100 in place of may Honda 155 which I sold for being heavy for me. Now, it's on the fourth month of my installment and the odometer is now on 1,685. I notice some observations a new user like me could find. The RUSI 100 is weak, it is never designed for racing racing purposes. You cannot go as fast as you want when you overtake along the road so you need to calculate a longer distance for you to take such step for if not you'll be sandwich in between cars before you could take your lane. Two, I have seen in my RUSI 100 that there are parts along the carburetor assembly that there are some fittings not exact, there are gaps therefore the bolt also is not properly placed as exactly as it should be. Third, I subscribe to the statement of the former reviewer that technicians have no complete tools and I have seen that when someone else had a fixing of his own RUSI150. The tools used are not the exact one to avoid roundhead of bolts. What he has done was to hammer it in order to remove thus making an additional expenses to the owner for buying replacement bolts. Fourth, if a company is to promote it's products, it has to make impression to the people that they can give you the best services from processing of papers down to the smallest one including technician services. So with the provision of parts ready and available for anybody if and when they wanted anything for repair and modifications.